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  Total claimed properties: 42751

British Government supports the Kosovo Property Agency with additional funds


On 12th of October 2009, in the premises of the Ministry of Economy and Finance the signing ceremony was held for a Grant Contract between the Government of Kosovo and the UK Government, for supporting the work of the Kosovo Property Agency (KPA) in the sum of £500,000 (five hundred thousand pounds sterling). The Grant Contract was signed on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo and on behalf of the KPA by Mr. Ahmet Shala, Minister of Economy and Finance and on behalf of the British Government by His Excellency, Mr. Andy Sparkes UK Ambassador to Kosovo.  


Minister Shala thanked the UK government for providing financial assistance to the KPA. "Thanks to this financial assistance, the Kosovo Property Agency will increase its human capacities, creating skilled and professional personnel for resolving cases of disputed properties in Kosovo, enabling every one, regardless of their ethnicity, religion or race to enjoy their inalienable right to property ", said Minister Shala after the signing of the financial support to the KPA, adding that the Kosovo Government has the will in guaranteeing the right to property for all citizens of Kosovo.


Ambassador Sparkes said that he was very happy that the Government of the United Kingdom contributed to the important work of the KPA as resolving property issues assisted in conflict resolution. “In addition to being the UK Ambassador to Kosovo, as the Chairperson of the Supervisory Board of the Kosovo Property Agency, I have the pleasure of providing these funds by the government that I represent that are dedicated to the agency which has a difficult mandate in determining ownership over disputed property cases and that this donation complements funds provided by the Government of Kosovo and other donations given to the KPA". Ambassador Sparkes, added that the KPA has already undertaken some valuable work in resolving more than half of the cases out of some 40,000 property claims that have been registered with the agency.