More than 20,000 property claims submitted to the KPA

PRISHTINA -  The Kosovo property Agency (KPA) has thus far received more than 20,000 claims for private immovable properties. The KPA was established on 4 March 2006 with the jurisdiction to resolve claims for repossession of private immovable property, including commercial properties and agricultural land, directly related to or resulting from the armed conflict in 1998 and 1999. Pursuant to UNMIK Regulation 2006/50 the KPA has, subject to appeal to the supreme court of Kosovo, exclusive jurisdiction over these claims.

The claims submitted to the KPA include claims for:
1309 residential properties
716 commercial properties
18488 agricultural properties

Out of the submitted claims 2017 have been filed to KPA offices inside Kosovo and 18496 claims have been submitted to our offices located in Serbia proper, Montenegro and fYROM.

Based on a study in 2004 commissioned by the European Agency for Reconstruction, the KPA expected to receive some 11,000 claims for repossession of private immovable property. Even if the number of actual claims collected is nearly twice what was estimated, the number of claims is still increasing every day. No deadline for claim intake has yet been set.

-The KPA is determined to resolve all collected claims in a fair an expeditious manner. We expect the first decisions from the Kosovo Property Claims Commission to be issued in June, says KPA Executive Director Knut Rosandhaug in a statement.


Real time updated statistics on claims submitted to the KPA are available on our internet site:
Total claimed properties by municipality:
Type of properties claimed by region:
Type of property right claimed by region: