Study Visit in Turkey


A delegation of the Kosovo Property Comparison and Verification Agency (KPCVA) led by Ms. Florije Kika, Acting Deputy Director, went on an official visit to the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadaster, Ankara and Istanbul/Turkey on 24-26 December 2018.

The KPCVA delegation was welcomed by the General Director Mr. Mehmet Zeki ADLI, who in his speech stressed the need for cooperation and exchange of experiences between the two respective institutions.

In her speech, the Acting Deputy Director Ms. Florije Kika, thanked the hosts for their hospitality, informed the participants about the mandate of KPCVA, and the role and responsibility that this Agency will have on the comparison and verification of cadastral records, according to the Conclusions of the Agreement reached in Brussels between Kosovo and Serbia in 2011.

Furthermore, Ms. Kika underlined that the cooperation between the two relevant institutions will not end here but will deepen and intensify further in the future. Finally, Ms. Kika expressed the continuous readiness of the KPCVA to find new opportunities and ways of cooperation.

During the visit to Ankara the delegation of the KPCVA had the chance and opportunity to be closely informed about the method of organization and functioning of Department of Land Registration, Information and Technology Department, Map Department, Department of Archives, Cadastral Office and Land Registry, and Cadaster II, Regional Directorate in Istanbul.