Newly appointed Executive Director of KPA assumes office

Following his appointment by the Kosovo Prime Minister Mr Hashim Thaqi upon consultation with European Union Special Representative in Kosovo, Mr Marian Nieora as of 1st April 2013 assumed his position as Executive Director of the Kosovo Property Agency.

Marian graduated at the University Surrey, England. He worked in England, Canada, Norway, Bulgaria and Poland on various development projects. In 2001 Marian came to Kosovo, he was appointed as the Head of Pristina Region at the Transitional Department of Trade and Industry and continued at this position with the Kosovo Trust Agency. There Marian was responsible for administration and governance of over 150 Socially Owned Enterprises and their preparation for privatization. He also served as Chairperson of the Public Housing Enterprise of Prishtinė/Pristina, Iber-Lepenc and the Prishtinė/Pristina Youth, Culture and Sports Center. He later was appointed by the International Civilian Office to the Privatisation Agency of Kosovo liquidation programme.