Kosovo Property Agency (KPA) welcomes all requests from media related to the mandate of KPA and the Housing and Property Directorate (HPD). The Agency is determined to provide the media with all necessary information.

All media requests should be addressed to:


As English is the working language of the KPA, we will be able to respond to your request more promptly if you address your request to KPA in English and Albanian.

If you wish to address your request to KPA in Serbian, please contact:

Ms. Negosava Mrdakovic
Office phone number: +381 (0) 38 249 918 - Ext. 155
Cell phone: + 377 (0) 44 233 675

In order for the KPA to provide the best possible assistance to the media, the agency will adhere to the following principles:

  1. All requests from the media will be answered.
  1. The KPA will reply to media requests as promptly as possible, but please allow the agency time to check the facts before it makes any statements.
  1. The KPA is not in a position to make specific statements on individual claims. If the media requests such comments, the KPA can only give a general statement regarding procedures and regulations.
  1. The KPA is not in a position to provide the media with copies of any documents provided by any parties to a claim. However, all decisions made by the Housing and Property Claims Commission and the Kosovo Property Claims Commission are available to the public. These decisions will be published on our internet site as soon as all parties to a claim have been notified.
  1. The KPA will provide translation assistance to assist the media upon request.

Some tips for the media in order to ensure timely processing of requests:

  • Please address all requests to the designated persons above
  • Be as specific as possible regarding what kind of information/statement you are requesting
  • If possible, TV- and radio stations should send their specific questions prior to the recording session
  • As the working language of the KPA is English, requests from media addressed in English will simplify the processing. However, if the media prefer to address requests in Albanian or Serbian, the Agency will also ensure the timely processing of such a request. 
KPA's "Direct Line"
You may contact us by phone Monday through Friday
(08:00-16:30) by dialing +381 38 249 936
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