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Thursday, 26 July 2007



KPA receives grant from Belgium government



The government of the Kingdom of Belgium today committed to a grant of 20,000 EUR to the Kosovo Property Agency (KPA). 


The grant is dedicated to the publication of the KPA Gazette.  The KPA Gazette is an official publication issued by the KPA, containing a list of all properties that have been claimed under the KPA mandate thus enabling personal with potential legal interest in the claimed properties to become a party to the proceedings before the Kosovo Property Claims Commission (KPCC). UNMIK Regulation 2006/50 prescribes that claims submitted to KPA must be published with a 30 days response period before these claims can be adjudicated.


The KPA Gazette is being published periodically, and in addition to being distributed with two daily newspapers it is also available in all municipalities and local courts throughout Kosovo.  It is printed in both Albanian and Serbian languages, and an English version of the KPA Gazette is available at the KPA web page http://www.kpaonline.org.


“We are very grateful for this support from the Belgium government. The publication of claims submitted to the KPA is a crucial part of the processing of claims, and this grant enables the agency to publish all claims through the KPA Gazette, says Mr. Knut Rosandhaug, Executive Director of KPA in a statement.


The Kosovo Property Agency (the “KPA”) is an independent body established under UNMIK Regulation 2006/10 on the Resolution of Claims Relating to Private Immovable Property, including Agricultural and Commercial Property, which was promulgated on 4 March 2006. It is mandated to resolve claims resulting from the 1999 armed conflict in respect of private immovable property, including agricultural and commercial property.


For more information, please to contact:

Mr. Arian Krasniqi
Information Officer
Phone: +381 (0)38 249 918 ext. 230
Mobile phone: +377 (0) 44 300 045

Mr. Lars Olsen

Head of Information

Phone: +381 (0)38 225 473 ext. 107 / +377 (0) 44 233 669

E-mail: lars.olsen@kpaonline.org