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  Total claimed properties: 42751


 KPA requests public prosecution in Pec/Peja


Kosovo Property Agency (KPA) has requested the Public Prosecutor of Peja municipality to initiate a criminal procedure against the perpetrator(s) who illegally broke the seal put in place by the KPA at property located at “Shaban Spahija”  in Pec/Pejė.


The property in question is a residential property which is located in the same building complex as  the “Asdreni” Primary School. Following a lawfull decision issued by the Housing and Property Claims Commission (HPCC) officials from the KPA locked down and sealed of the residential property on 25 September 2007.  Later the official seal has been broken withouth any legal justification, an act which represents  a violation of article 259 in the Provisional Criminal Code of Kosovo. 


The KPA call upon all citizens and public institutions in Kosovo to respect the rule of law and lawful decisions made in accordance with the applicable laws in Kosovo. The decision to seal of the aforementioned property was made in accordance with a lawfull decision issued by the HPCC.  If anyone wishes to contest the decision issued by the HPCC they must do so by appealing the the decions the the competente legal body, and not by taking the law into their own hands.


The KPA remains devoted to ensure the protection of private property within its jurisdiction for all citizens in Kosovo, without any exception.  The KPA will continue to enforce decisions issued by the HPCC as well as decisions issued by the new Kosovo Property Claims Commission. The KPA will if necessary in future cases continue to request the local prosecutors to initatite criminal procure against any private individual or public official attempting with unlawful means to obstruct the implementation and enforcement of lawful decisions.


The Kosovo Property Agency (KPA) is an independent agency established on 4th March 2006. It is mandated to resolve cliams for private imovable properties arising from the armed conflict in 1998 and 1999. The KPA is also the legal sucessor of the former Housing and Property Directorate.