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Please note: When using this facility to search for a property, the original name of the cadastral municipality should be used. KPA records are based on information provided when the claim was submitted and therefore do not reflect changes resulting from the establishment of any new municipalities in Kosovo.

  Total claimed properties: 42751


Notice to all KPA claimants

All claimants who have provided the KPA with their mobile phone numbers will soon receive
SMS-messages (mobile phone text messages) informing you about the current status of your claim. In addition, these messages will all include the KPA number of your claim (KPAXXXXX), as well, our web-page address (wwww.kpaonline.org) and our direct phone line 038249 936.

Please note that that you are not obligated to act in response (phone calls or visiting KPA Offices) if you receive such a message. The SMS-messages are just a complementary service from the KPA in order to keep you informed about the status of your claim. As the processing of your claim moves forward you will receive additional SMS-messages when your claim reaches a different status.

You may receive any of the following messages on your mobile phone:

Notification of claim - this claim was on [DATE] notified to the current user of the claimed property”.
This means that KPA has successfully performed notification on the property, and informed any occupants to submit a reply to the claim within the expiry of a 30 days statutory deadline.

 Publication – this claim was on [DATE] published in the KPA Gazette”
This is just inform you that the KPA has published information regarding your claim in the relevant public records and media, and published the claim on the KPA web page. The publication list includes name of municipality, village, street address/number and parcel number of the claimed property.

 Reply interview – we have received a statement from the current user of the claimed property”
A responding party (most often the current user if the property) has approached the Kosovo Property Agency (KPA) upon having been notified of the claim and has submitted a reply to the claim.

 “Referral to Commission – this claim was on [DATE] referred to the Commission for decision making”
Your claim has been referred to the Property Claims Commission for decision making. The KPA will contact you as soon as  your claim has been decided.

The SMS-messages will only be sent to claimants who have provided the KPA with their mobile phone number. Please contact any KPA-office If you have not provided the KPA with your mobile phone number and wish to receive such SMS-messages.
Any questions regarding the SMS service may be addressed to our hotline: 038 249 936