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Please note: When using this facility to search for a property, the original name of the cadastral municipality should be used. KPA records are based on information provided when the claim was submitted and therefore do not reflect changes resulting from the establishment of any new municipalities in Kosovo.

  Total claimed properties: 42751



Another milestone in the process of restoring property rights was reached when the Kosovo Property Agency (KPA) executed the first decisions issued by the Kosovo Property Claims Commission (KPCC) on 3rd November 2008. Hallaēi i Epėrm/Veliki Alać, a village in the Municipality of Lipjan/Lipljane, was the place where the first decision of the KPCC was executed. On the same day the Agency executed another six KPCC decisions.


A successful claimant, will through a decision issued by the KPCC receive confirmation of his/her property right(ownership or user right)to the property subject to a KPA claim. The KPCC decisions are final and enforceable, unless appealed to the Supreme Court of Kosovo within 30 days of delivery to the parties. The decisions also contain an eviction order, authorizing the KPA to evict any illegal occupant from the claimed property.


Once the successful claimant requests repossession of the property, the KPA will initiate the process of evicting any illegal occupant from the property in order to hand over the possession of the property to the claimant. Execution of the KPCC decision will be carried out in cooperation with the claimant, whilst the date will be determined according to his/her preparedness to repossess the property.


“KPA started execution of the first KPA decisions, which is an important step in assuring all citizens the rule of law. On this occasion, please allow me to ask all KPA claimants for a close cooperation with the KPA officials so that repossession of the claimed properties is made easier and more efficient. All those using properties unlawfully are requested not to start any activities in these properties, because the KPA will not compensate them for the money they invested in those properties”, stated Mr. Agron Beka, Coordinator of the KPA Enforcement Unit.


“When executing a decision, the KPA will place a notice in the property explaining that anybody breaking in into the property or using it without the KPA permission will be arrested and a legal charge will be initiated by the authorities pursuant to the Criminal Code of Kosovo”, adds Mr Agron Beka.


Up to now, the Kosovo Property Agency has decided more than 16 000 claims, and execution of the decisions will continue to the last decision.