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Please note: When using this facility to search for a property, the original name of the cadastral municipality should be used. KPA records are based on information provided when the claim was submitted and therefore do not reflect changes resulting from the establishment of any new municipalities in Kosovo.

  Total claimed properties: 42751

Memorandum of Understanding reached with Kosovo Cadastral Agency


On 13 July 2009, in the premises of the Ministry of Public Administration in Prishtina, the Deputy Director of the Kosovo Property Agency Mr. Xhevat Azemi, on behalf of the agency signed the Memorandum of Understanding with the Chief Executive of the Kosovo Cadastral Agency Mr. Hamdi Basholli. The purpose of this agreement is to ensure the full cooperation between the two agencies by providing necessary information from the Kosovo Cadastral Agency to the KPA, which will increase the efficiency in resolving the property issues in Kosovo. Mr. Azemi informed the participants about the KPA mandate, its legal structure and the approach of KPA to resolve the property claims, submitted in the agency. There are 40.623 property claims submitted in the agency, from which about 54% are resolved, said Azemi, by explaining especially the claim resolution procedures in contested cases from the moment the claim is submitted until the decision is taken, and its implementation. During the signing of this agreement there were present also Mr. Arsim Bajrami, Minister of Public Administration and Mrs. Anna Jackson Deputy Ambassador of Great Britain in Kosovo. After the agreement was signed, Mrs. Jackson re-confirmed the continuous support of Great Britain to the Kosovo Property Agency and she welcomed the formalisation of cooperation between the two respective agencies. Minister Bajrami encouraged the deepening of further cooperation between the agencies, and he thanked on behalf of the Government of Kosovo all the international partners who are supporting the work of the Kosovo Property Agency during these years.