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  Total claimed properties: 42751

KPA signed MoU with Kosovo Police


Today, on 19th of October 2009, in the premises of Kosovo Police (KP) was signed Memorandum of Understanding MoU between Kosovo Property Agency (KPA), represented by its Executive Director Mr. Scott Bowen and Kosovo Police, represented by Mr. Shpend Maxhuni, Deputy General Director for Operations.


The purpose of this MoU is to outline the preliminary obligations and proper procedures of the signing parties, the KPA and the KP, regarding KP assistance, upon a reasonable request submitted by the KPA, in the execution of evictions.


“Kosovo Police is very happy offering assistance to Kosovo Property Agency in fulfilling its objectives and mandate, which was in place since 2003 under the UNMIK Police at that time. In 2005 a MoU was signed by UNMIK Police, and now, under new mandate and responsibilities, Kosovo Police will continue and deepen its support for KPA” said Mr. Shpend Maxhuni, Deputy General Director for Operation in KP


Mr. Scott Bowen, Executive director of KPA thanked the Kosovo Police for their continued support to the KPA which is demonstrated by the signing of this MoU. He also thanked the colleagues from EULEX for their support.  

Mr. Bowen stated “An eviction is a part of the public duty that the KPA is mandated with, and includes an eviction of any illegal inhabitant regardless of their ethnicity, race or religion from a property that is under KPA administration, including the Voluntary Rental Scheme implemented by the KPA. This enables the property right holder to enjoy their inalienable right to their property. 


One of the main forms of eviction that the KPA has to perform are those related to the voluntary rental scheme. These evictions would not be necessary if the tenants paid the rent as they agreed to do by the signing of a rental agreement. I would urge all those persons who have outstanding invoices, to pay those invoices as soon as possible so that they may enjoy the property that they have rented without any further enforcement action by the KPA


“All those persons who do not fulfill their obligations will receive a final warning from the KPA requesting that they either vacate the premises or pay their agreed rent in full. Should the person decide not to pay their debt by this deadline they will NOT BE ABLE TO PAY the rent after this time under any circumstances as the KPA will cancel the rental contract and they will be evicted with the support of the Police as per the MoU signed today. Any new rental contract will then need to be established from the beginning irrespective of any money that the KPA is still holding from the deposit from the original contract” added Mr. Bowen  


In the end Mr. Bowen thanked again the Kosovo Police for their continued support in the mandate given to the KPA under Assembly of Kosovo Law 03/L-079.


Up to now, the Kosovo Property Agency has decided more than 22 863 claims, which is over 50% of the total 40 644 registered claims, and execution of the decisions will continue to the last decision.