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Please note: When using this facility to search for a property, the original name of the cadastral municipality should be used. KPA records are based on information provided when the claim was submitted and therefore do not reflect changes resulting from the establishment of any new municipalities in Kosovo.

  Total claimed properties: 42751
Swiss Government supports the Kosovo Property Agency
with additional funds

On 24 June 2011, a Project Agreement was signed between the Government of Kosovo, represented by the Ministry of Finance on behalf of Kosovo Property Agency (KPA) and the Government of Switzerland represented by Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, through the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) for supporting the work of the Kosovo Property Agency (KPA) in the amount of EUR 1,230,000. The Agreement was signed on behalf of the Government of Kosovo and the KPA by Mr. Ramadan Avdiu, Deputy Minister of Finance and on behalf of the Swiss Government by Mr.Samuel Waelty, Director of the Swiss Cooperation Office in Kosovo.

The Project Agreement provides the legal framework for the contribution of the Swiss Government with respect to the Kosovo Property Agency’s mandate for resolution of conflict related property disputes regarding private immovable property including agricultural and commercial property. Such contribution is provided within the framework of the technical and financial cooperation and humanitarian aid of the Swiss Government for the benefit of Kosovo, which foresees the improvement of rule of law.

Deputy Minister Avdiu thanked the Swiss Government for providing financial assistance to the KPA after the signing of the financial support to the KPA, adding that the Kosovo Government has the will in guaranteeing the right to property for all citizens of Kosovo.

With this signed Agreement both parties agree that support to the Kosovo Property Agency is a fundamental prerequisite for establishing law and order, promoting modern and functional public services, supporting the development of economic sector in Kosovo.

The Swiss government has supported the KPA since its inception and contributed to its 2006-2010 budgets.

The Project Agreement covers the period from 25 June 2011 to 31 December 2013.