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  Total claimed properties: 42751


University of Prishtina and KPA signed agreement for establishment of legal clinic

On Wednesday 16 May the Kosovo Property Agency (KPA) and University of Pristhina entered into an agreement on the establishment of a Legal Clinic. The agreement between KPA and UP was signed officially by vice/Rector of UP, Ms. Suzana Kerliu and the KPA Executive Director, Mr. Knut Rosandhaug. Present in the ceremony of the signing was also the dean of the Faculty of Law, Ms.Hava Bujupi.

Mss. Kerliu, on behalf of University of Prishtina extended her gratitude to KPA and its Executive Director, Mr. Rosandhaug for supporting this project which is more than welcome for students of UP and academic staff. In same time, Mss.Kerliu underlined that they will do the best to realize successfully this project.
“Legal Clinic is a good opportunity for law students to improve professional skills and to practice their knowledge during their engagement in the clinic”, said KPA Executive Director, Mr. Knut Rosandhaug on this occasion.

The Legal Clinic will offer free legal advice and assistance to all parties in claims submitted to the KPA. This will enable  KPA claimants and respondents to receive legal adviced to without having to pay for a  laywer.

Based on the agreement, the Legal Clinic will open in the new academic year 2007/08 and it will be run by law students from the University of Pristhina. The students will get academic credits for their work in the Legal Clinic. By choosing to work in the Legal Clinic the law students will get valuable experience from advocacy work, counseling and drafting, all essential for a future professional legal career. During their job, students will learn more about property rights.

“KPA will provide facilities and the University of Prishtina will select the students for this project. Most of them will be pre-graduate students. In near future we are seeking for assistance also from Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Education”, said Mss.Hava Bujupi, Dean of Faculty of Law.

The students will provide free legal advice and assistance to all parties to claims submitted to the KPA. Pursuant to UNMIK Regulation 2006/50 the KPA has, subject to appeal to the Supreme Court of Kosovo, exclusive jurisdiction to resolve claims for private immovable property (including agricultural land and commercial properties) arising from armed conflict in 1998 and 1999. Thus far some 20,530 property claims have been submitted to the KPA.