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Please note: When using this facility to search for a property, the original name of the cadastral municipality should be used. KPA records are based on information provided when the claim was submitted and therefore do not reflect changes resulting from the establishment of any new municipalities in Kosovo.

  Total claimed properties: 42751


Dear Visitor,
  This is the first message from the Kosovo Property  Comparison and Verification Agency (KPCVA). We have been communicating  continuously under the name of the Kosovo Property Agency (KPA) since 2006 and  have been introducing our activities, commitment and great results achieved by  the Agency for many years in receiving, registering, processing and adjudicating  over 42 thousand property claims submitted to the Agency.
  The successful completion of the KPA’s mandate  paved the way to establish the Kosovo Property Comparison and Verification  Agency (KPCVA). Following the enactment by the Assembly of Kosovo and  publication in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Kosovo, the Law No.05/L-010  on the Establishment of the Kosovo Property Comparison and Verification Agency entered  into force on 03.11.2016. Establishment of the Kosovo Property Comparison and  Verification Agency (KPCVA) is the outcome of the agreement for the return, comparison  and verification of cadastral registers, reached in 2011 in Brussels between  Kosovo and Serbia.
  The mandate of the new Agency deals with comparing  and resolving the discrepancies between the original cadastral documents taken  from Kosovo by the Serbian authorities prior to June 1999 and the cadastral  documents that are currently in the Republic of Kosovo on private property,  commercial private property and the private property of religious communities  in Kosovo as well as the resolution of claims on private immovable property  including private agricultural and commercial property.
  Since the KPCVA is the successor of the KPA, please  be informed that the provisional provisions of this Law stipulate that part of  the mandate and the responsibilities of the Kosovo Property Agency (KPA) and  the Housing and Property Directorate (HPD) shall be transferred to the Kosovo  Property Comparison and Verification Agency (KPCVA) mainly dealing with  implementation of HPCC decisions and properties that are currently under the  administration of KPA. Therefore, all incomplete KPA and HPD mandatory issues  shall be completed as part of the mandate of the new Agency. In addition, the  new Law provides that all physical assets, contractual and budgetary  liabilities of the Kosovo Property Agency (KPA) and assets that previously were  transferred to the Kosovo Property Agency (KPA) by the Housing and Property  Directorate (HPD) shall be transferred to the new Agency (KPCVA). The transfer  of human resources and physical and budgetary assets guarantees sustainability  with premises of success throughout the transition phase from KPA to KPCVA.
  Taking into consideration the legal obligation  according to which the transitional period from KPA to KPCVA is going to last  90 days, the management of the Agency has taken a series of measures for a  successful completion of the transitional phase. Thus, an oversight group to oversee the transitional phase, which is  successfully managing the administrative and technical transitional phase from  KPA to KPCVA, was formed. This process is accompanied by a series of measures  and technical and administrative activities. During this time, a logo of the new  Agency, which we are presenting for the first time in public on this occasion,  is conceived, designed and adopted.
  On the other side, a group amending and  supplementing draft regulations relating to the work and mandate of the Agency  was formed. This group has successfully managed to supplement five relevant regulations,  which have already been sent for approval to the Prime Minister of the Republic  of Kosovo.
  The management and the professional management  staff of the Agency have continued meetings and contacts with all relevant  local institutions and various international organizations. We continue to believe  that the need for a comprehensive support to KPCVA will be viewed with interest  by our local and international partners.
  We are aware that a long and hard work awaits  us in the years to come. However, the staff of the Agency has the experience  and the necessary professional and administrative qualification to build and  functionalize an agency, which will work in observing and enforcing legal  responsibilities for all the citizens of Kosovo.
  We hope and believe that our next communication  will take place on the new website, which is under preparation.

Best  regards,
  Florije  Kika
  Acting  Deputy Executive Director